Pumpkin Lamps, Shitalpati Diaries from the Eastern Lands

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From the Eastern lands of India, all things that are inspired and originated by the lands, the culture and their lifestyle, this online brand brings to us fashion, home decor and artefacts to let us experiment with our style.


For lamps made of pumpkins and bell-metal, Shitalpati diaries that are handpainted and crafted with beautiful papers and for knick-knacks for the space made from tree barks you must check out Eastern Winds. There's an array of other things mostly inspired from the Bengal culture, juxtaposing all that is available and the skill of the local artisans there, this brand brings us unique decor and fashion.


The timeless classics of Bengal, the elegance of hand woven cotton Tangail sarees, the charm of sculptures made by rural artists from recycled parts like pumpkin, kansha (bell metal), stone, the novel beauty of handmade shelf decor from barks of the tree and all things unique is the reason why we’re so keen on investing in goodies from Eastern Winds.


Kansha kitchen utensils is yet another unique thing brought down by Arunima Choudhary, as it holds significant health benefits. There are various sizes of bowls, glasses and thaalis you could invest in. And to go with the whole dining experience, Eastern Winds also offers hand block-printed cotton runners, table mats in vivid colours and beautiful prints inspired from the Bengal culture.
Pebble-Metal fusion art is their next unique thing coming up.


Ladies, if that’s not a reason already for you to check out their page and spruce up your space, there’s an array of khadi, cotton and linen sarees in subtle, sophisticated prints and colours that would definitely up your style game. And girls, we urge you to indulge in unique macrame chokers and belts that could be paired with denims and shirts, skirts or palazzos and give a completely different, contemporary look.


So, if you’re someone who likes all things Indian from various parts, or would like to experiment with different aesthetics you must must must get a whiff of all things at Eastern Winds.


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  • Written by Shreeya Bohra

Tags: Pumpkin Lamps, Shitalpati Diaries from the Eastern Lands

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