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'Tempting, lip-smacking, full of flavour and spices'!

Barely a few adjectives to describe Maharashtrian food for, it is indeed one of the finest, oldest and the most complete food cultures in the world, that believes - 'Food is Purnabramha'.
Conceptualizing and realizing the same belief, Purnabramha Maharashtrian Restaurant brings forth some glorious delicacies for everyone's joy, that are served with a warm hearted tradition in HSR.

In fact, serving Maharashtrian goodies is not the eatery's only forte for, Jayanti Kathale not only wants to world to taste the authentic flavours; rather she also wants to make sure that other women join, making it one of the few establishments that are run solely under women entrepreneurship.

What started of as a home based catering service, Jayanti has cultivated her passion for serving home-style healthy food to next level with PURNABRAMHA.

Ensuring that her patrons partake in a rich, cultural experience, the restaurant offers a traditional baithak; wherein you get to sit on cushions on the floor, as a lavishly generous thaali is served to you. 

And mind you, the thaali keeps on changing everyday from Monday to Sunday, with a set menu dedicated to the regions of Maharashtra - Raigad, Sholapur, Pandharpur, Ganagapur, Devalgaon Raja, Vidarbha, and Kolhapur. To our pleasant surprise, Jayanti herself has traveled to the said regions and picked out the best of their festive food that Bangaloreans now get to cherish.

Just a heads up, please skip breakfast if you plan on asking for a thaali; to ensure that you have an adequate appetite.

More so, there is also a separate area with a more conventional seating arrangement, that served only snacks; that are are delicious nonetheless.

Take their SABUDANA VADA for instance; crispy and brown on the outside, yet extremely soft on the inside. Pair it up with their signature peanut-curd-chilli chutney, and your tastebuds are in for a surprise. If you are looking for something more relatively 'healthy' option then, you simply cannot go wrong with their SABUDANA KHICHADI.

Going back to the roots of Maharashtrian savouries, we just cannot miss out on MISAL PAV as well as the ever-so-classic VADA PAV! And if the spice gets a bit too much then, bite into the PUDACHI VADI served with a sweet-spicy chutney by the side; to curb them pangs.

The more adventurous who thrive on a spice high can ask for the ‘rasa’ when gorging on the Misal Pav.

Just as Vada Pav is a staple savoury, PURAN POLI is a staple sweet serving that is in a way mandatory to try. Top it off with a generous helping of ghee, and watch it melt away in the warm deliciousness, before you try the same.

We could not have been more glad, having come across PURNABRAMHA for, not only is the food delicious and authentic, it is reasonably priced as well; perching itself atop our most favourite restaurants in Bangalore, with ease.


-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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