Regional and multi cuisine fusion food at Glocal Junction

Cuisines: Continental, European

Attributes: Restaurants

Global? Local?

Do you like it Global? Or Local? Well here’s an interesting way to perceive it – Glocal!
Yes, we are talking about a place that brings global cuisines with a touch of local flavours, creating the perfect blend that hits the taste buds. That’s what our newest find, Glocal Junction is all about. The place has a nice feel to it; the ambiance is an all black theme giving out a very elegant feel to the whole place.

MUSHROOM MALAI WASABI CHILLI: A very interesting mix of flavours and ingredients. The taste of Wasabi was surprisingly not that over powering in the dish, and did shock us. You can taste the dominance of wasabi but there the chilli malai mushroom has a nice after taste to it making this a unique dish to try,

FUSION KHOW SUEY:  Now making Khow Suey is no easy task, and the chef here pulled the dish to perfection. The Khow Suey was well presented and the flavouring was on point, a must try meal. Available in both veg and non veg, we sure this will be loved by any kind of audience.

KORI GASSI THALI:  Coconut, red chillies based chicken curry served with neer dosa, rice, papad and onions. A good once course meal very filling thali and the chicken curry and neer dosa combination was one we die for.

KALKATTA PAAN CHEESE CAKE: One of a kind fusion of the betel leaf wrapped around the cheese cake, this one of a kind dessert it a great way to end a meal with both paan and pastries.

MIRAGE: A very fancily served cocktail, Vodka based drink which will keep you guessing at every sip.

SMOREASS: Jameson blended with Baileys and banana, dredged with chocolate dust and heightened with Burnt Marshmallow.

BOUQUET:  Absolut Kurrant flavoured with passion fruit with floating edible flowers. This is the best way to propose to a woman and get her tipsy.

HAZEL NUT TORTE: Nothing short of divine, the fine crispy pieces of hazelnut and the soft torte makes for some very interesting experience to your taste buds. Do not miss out on this.

The place really lives up to its name, The twist between Indian and global cuisne is one we much.

Address: 2968, Ashwani Complex, 12th Main,  HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Ph no: 080 49653173
Pricing 700 per person with alcohol


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