Renovate with stunningly Vintage Furniture at Fab Home

Attributes: Furniture, Cupboard, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables

It’s funny how we buy clothes, jewellery, shoes and everything else for us about 5-6 times a month, but barely renovate when it comes to home decor and furniture for years.

We think it’s been awhile since those rusty furniture at our homes have been shown the door, because with one glance at Fab Home’s intriguing collection, anybody and everybody would want to renovate.


Look for offbeat furniture to add that quirky, personalised factor to your entire space. Check out Book shelves, Dressing tables and Corner tables at Fab Home, the collection is very colonial and made completely from pure Hardwood, ensuring unbeatable quality. We’re absolutely in awe with their Rajasthani and Mughal collection made of Indian Sheesham. It adds an old-world charm, and is almost nostalgic.

Think Swings in the middle of the living room, glass pieces decor done on tables, colourful treasure chests and stands with metal handlebars and the sorts. We’ve been recreating a room, a space over and over again with all the pieces we liked. There’s vintage, there’s cosy, there’s artsy pieces, vibrant and quirky ones too, all one needs to do is look closely.

They also deal in Indian artefacts and handicrafts, lamps, blue pottery and such other wonderful things, about which we’ll tell you later.
For now, start planning and spacing out for new furniture?

Address: #753, 18th Main, 5th Cross, Koramangala 6th Block.
(or) #64/1, Infantry Road (Adj to Gem Plaza)
Call: 080 41469011

  • Written by Shreeya Bohra

Tags: Renovate with stunningly Vintage Furniture at Fab Home, Vintage, Furniture, Hardwood Furniture

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