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Everyone loves a nice chocolate waffle, especially in this cold weather, all we crave is a nice, warm, fluffy waffle. This small café -
 Belgian Waffle Factory, near St Joseph’s College of Commerce, is home to some of the yummiest and unique waffles I have had the pleasure of eating. 

For everyone who loves chocolate (and who doesn’t) there exists ‘The Sin’ waffle. This chocolate waffle smeared with rich chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate chips is heaven in your mouth. As you bite into it, the chocolate oozes into your mouth and the waffle prevents it from being too sweet and overpowering. This one is definitely a crowd favourite. Apart from this they also have a savoury waffle. This unique item is a plain waffle stuffed with cheese, chili sauce and chicken, and as questionable as it sounds, is definitely worth a try. The spicy sauce gets balanced out with the plain waffle and the meat compliments all the other flavours in the dish. 

Here is the best part - you can customize your waffle any way you want! The base can be chosen from original, chocolate, red velvet and others. You can also choose half and half which is a mix of original and chocolate waffle. Then comes the most difficult decision, which is what you want your toppings to be that include Nutella, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, whipped cream, Oreo and several more. Apart from these you can have their specials like the Midnight Special and the BWF Special.

They have a few side eats as well like nachos, French fries, cheese balls and twister potato which are given with a selection of sauces like cheese, garlic, peri peri etc. It is surprising to see the vast array of dishes available under this tiny roof.  

Head down to Belgium Waffle Factory and get your waffle on that note!

Address: 65, Markham Road, Ashok Nagar, Brigade Road, Bangalore.
Phone Number: +91 8861847689 | +91 9892759808

Author and Picture Credit: Rhea  Yesiah



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