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Healthy and vegan diets have taken the world by storm. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and avocados are well on their way to becoming the fruit of the year. Catching on to the trend is RawStraw, a health-conscious café in Kalyan Nagar. 

This cute café offers items like pancakes and waffles but with a healthy twist on every single item. No preservatives, added sugar or maida enter their kitchen. The ingredients are sourced from local vendors and are prepared in house. The café has a charming minimalistic vibe and their furniture is either upcycled or DIY’d! 

So getting down to what they serve. Their menu will show you what are the chef’s recommendation, local love and gluten free items making meal choice much easier. You can start off with a juice, all of which are gluten free and vegan. These juices are flavorsome and instantly revitalizing. The Tenderade, a mix of tender coconut and mint lemonade and the Golden Glow Elixir juice, consisting of apples, lemon, oranges, ginger and a touch of turmeric are both highly recommended. Apart from juices they also have smoothies that are great to start your day off with. The Maple Chai Smoothie Bowl has bananas, almond butter and chia seeds blended together with some coconut milk and chai masala topped with granola/muesli and fruits. This bowl will give you energy that will last well into your next meal!

The restaurant has an all-day breakfast menu with parfaits, omelets, frittatas, French toast, wraps and even a breakfast platter! They have their own rendition of the French toast called Mumbai Masala French Toast and their Rainbow Sandwich is a great way of ensuring you get your veggies. The bright colors of the vegetables not only make your meal look great but also taste amazing. The breakfast menu has a healthy plethora of pancakes and waffles as well! It’s great to have some of our favourite breakfast items and not worry about the calories. 

They have various salads and short eats and a must try is the Sourdough bread meets Avocado. This is served with lettuce and feta cheese and can be eaten with a sunny side up as a perfect meal. A nice hearty dish can be one of their Buddha Bowls which are all gluten free! These Buddha Bowls are filled with several different items and each one them are delicious in their own style. 

One unique and appetizing item is the Ragi Tacos. These are ragi based tacos shells filled with grilled vegetables, salsa and drizzled with a creamy garlic curd sauce. They are an absolute must try! 

You can end your visit with a nice homemade, healthy dessert. They have a desert that changes weekly. The Pina Colada Ice Cream was made out of banana, pineapple and honey and was an amazing combination that made your mouth melt!

They will soon get a concrete desert menu but if all they had was the Pina Colada Ice Cream I wouldn’t mind.

PS: The place is pet-friendly so bring your pooch in for a nice time but make sure that they don’t disturb the other customers. You can get them a nice treat from the pet store below.

Address: 412, 9th Main, 1st Block HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
Contact:  9740310086 | 080 48142108

Author and Picture Credit: Rhea Yesiah

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