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SMOOR by Bliss is one name that keeps popping around, since the time I have moved to Bangalore, whenever I ask for an upcoming chocolatier in the city and to curb the curiosity the hype had generated, we made our way to their hub in Indiranagar, to try out the same. Conclusion? The hype is definitely worth it! Crave chocolates? SMOOR is the place for you. 

Pick their Salted Caramel, Orange & Thyme, Assam Praline, Rum Truffle, or even Chilli; their chocolates are indeed orgasmic, to say the least.
More so, this is one such place where, all the natural flavours are extracted from fruits, to make those glorious pieces of heaven without any artificial flavours cause hey! Who doesn’t love natural products right?

In fact, SMOOR goes beyond it's delicious chocolates, with a full fledged menu to satiate your hunger pangs. With a calling so good, who can resist for, there are a lot of things working towards making SMOOR a success.
Firstly, their decor. What makes it extremely interesting is that there is no unnecessary 'huss-fuss-glitter' to it. Natural light pours in through an entire facade highlighting the simple hues plastered on the walls; making for an extremely inviting environment to be at.

Secondly and more importantly, their high standards of service along-with good food with strict quality controls, use of fresh produce and presentation skills. With high expecations, we started with their DOUBLE DECKER SANDWICH, offering a glorious mix of Chicken Tikka and home style masala omelette between fresh focaccia bread; served along-with a portion of piping hot fries. 
While the sandwich was of course exceptional; even the simple portion of fries on the side, were so good to point that we asked for a separate portion of CAJUN SPICED FRIES!

With chocolate being their forte, asking for a portion of hot chocolate is mandatory and being the badasses that we are, a mug of SPICED HOT CHOCOLATE was our order! One sip and you welcome cinnamon, cloves, and a lovely spice down your throat; making your ordinary day seem like a special occasion.
If you are looking for a worthy coolant then, ask for their VERY BERRY COOLER, made with cranberry and lemon juice, fresh basil leaves, topped with sprite.

Lastly onto their desserts, that you get to select from a special menu itself! On recommendation, we tried their CHOCO NAMALAKA! And boy; was it a pretty site. A beautiful platter with a 70% dark chocolate namalaka, black tea cremeux, raspberry sponge, raspberry and rose jam, candied pink rose petals, cocoa crumbs, on a bed of raspberry fluid gel.
Order and witness - Art on a plate!

With such an experience, we have to admit that the Gods surely have smiled on Bangalore for, SMOOR rightly serves you all favourite cravings that you simply can't miss out on! Cheers.

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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