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As the winter winds remain persistent, all we want is delicious food and spiced cocktails! If you’re (like us) shamelessly bored by going to the same bars or cafes every now and then, head down to CHURCHILL in JP Nagar 2nd Phase to enjoy a wonderful winter Evening with delectable food and heavenly delicious cocktails.

Begin with CERVEZA PICANTE, a pleasantly spiced beer cocktail that, we believe, 2 or 3 of it should be able to do the trick. *insert wink* Infused with a strong beer, tabasco sauce lime and Churchill’s secret spices. This is a MUST HAVE in our books. Also, remember all those Vodka nights someone good went wild? Well, CHURCHILL’S SPECIAL a vodka based cocktail with lychee and kiwi, simply adds an appetizing flavour to the repeats of those similar nights.
Don’t shy away from their TEQUILA SUNRISE for even though a classic, Churchill’s mixologists add a little bit of twist, demanding we enjoy cocktails more than we usually do. Could be known for being made using White liqueur at Churchill’s LONG JOHN is all dark. Soothing yet strongly alcoholic.

With their chef taking up to serve something really different in each dish, we knew we would have a different twist of food; and rightly so for, from the first dish that they served to the last, one could visually see the freshness, let alone savouring the same.
After a stellar first visit, we were more than psyched to try what the chef had up his sleeve; leaving us with no option but, to tell you about them.

Taking FARM FRESH PIZZA up a notch isn't all that difficult it seems for, what may have seemed improbable has been made relatively easy by the folks at CHURCHILL'S by simply adding more veggies to it over a deliciously thin base.
For a more quintessential Italian meal, you cannot go wrong when you ask for a portion of the ever-so-classic CHICKEN PENNE ALFREDO. Delicious pasta. Tender Chicken. Finger-licking sauce.

In fact, if your love for Cheese Sauce is insatiable then, the HERB BAKED CHICKEN or even the BAKED FISH NORMANDY should be your order. With such a heavenly infusion of flavours there is a chance that even open-minded vegetarians wouldn't mind giving it a shot for, it is indeed unpardonable to not try them.

With flavours so good, one is bound to hog but, keep in mind their CREME CARAMEL is to die for. Ask for individual portions for, if you don't; we are sure you may be forced to share it unwillingly.

If conventional offerings with a 'hatke' twist appeal to your taste buds then, CHURCHILL's would surely be our personal recommendation. Cheers.

Address: 37/953, 2nd Floor, 24th Main, JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore.
Contact: 9035983492

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

Tags: Spicy Cocktails, Delicious Food et all at Churchill's

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