Splurge in zany home decor ideas at The Chalk Boutique

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Listing The Chalk Boutique as one of our #alltimefavourite lifestyle-accessories store, we’ll be taking you through a quick tour of their select home decor products, that you should be considering while decorating your space.

Walk into a enchanting bungalow to find this quaint boutique that houses all things chic and pretty. You’ll, instantly, be awestruck by their range of home decor, apparels, stationery, bags and the works. Vibrant and cheerful shelf accessories, soft-furniture, table decor are laid out to simply nudge our on-the-verge shopaholic devil to fall into a frenzied shopping spree of the quirkiest accents.

Think fancy ceiling hangers, a wide array of wall and table frames to add exciting colours and patterns to your life, and some simple yet beautiful cushions. We’re stocking up with their unique slate-board-frames to make boring walls interesting.
Throw in some clocks and simple shelf decor pieces and you’re good to go!

The hook-shaped ceiling hangers had us at hello. Simple, stylish and functional! Keep an eye out for similar products, for you’ll find them in plenty, and not one design repeated. Also, do take a look, rather grab some of their in-vogue cushion covers.


If not bling(y) this Diwali, try a much more fun and modern decor before the festive madness begins. Shop away people!


Store timings: Monday - Saturday, 11a.m - 7p.m
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