Stock up on a lil' bit of Fab into your life at LBOF

Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Outdoor/Gardening, Cupboard, Kids, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables, Others, Ceiling Hangings, Clocks, Cushion & Throws, Decor Pieces, Others

Eyeing for quirky vibrant home décor pieces to create a playful mood in your house? LBOF (A little Bit Of Fabulous) on 100ft road, Indiranagar definitely makes the cut with its bright preppy colours, accented furniture and Union-Jack inspired vintage décor pieces.

Let us appreciate how the name instantly makes us want to run to the store and dirty our hands with some fabulous. Also rightly named, this store houses some of the most fabulous union-jack inspired couches, chairs, telephone booth (wine bottle stand), post-box, mail box all in red. It’s one thing to like London for its telephone booths but to buy one and use it as décor in your living room, or library, now that’s what we call obsession. While you’re at it look out for the gorgeous vintage leather buckled trunks and treasure chests, some also in union-jack prints. Did we make you crave for all of it already?
NO? Then let us also tell you about the many glass jars they have various shapes, colours and sizes that can be used as centre pieces or side shelf décor with potpourri, marbles or anything really sided with their wildly cute and tiny purple artificial flower pots. And what we also loved and found was extremely unique were the light wooden storage boxes they had, just like how you see in a movie. You will also find a wide display of vintage telephones, icecream cone pieces, wall frames in trending quotes, bird cages, pop-coloured mailboxes and such fun small packaged quirk for your house or office space.

Their accented, bold coloured sofas in tangerine, navy, turquoise will create a delight in your living room. Compliment it with their colourful printed cushions, monochrome Monroe chairs or the many many many interesting, out of the box items curated by wonderful artists of the modern time.

Cityshor has listed LBOF in the top, fool proof, most-desired décor stores of Bangalore. Stay tuned to this space for more tips and scoops of from our favourite lifestyle stores. Also, do let us know how fabulous you got at LBOF only at

Address: 777/j, 1st floor, 100ft road, Indiranagar.
Contact – 080 – 40902842
Opens – 11a.m – 9p.m

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