Stunning Countryside-Style Decor done by this Design House

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Ditch your pinterest-saves and magazine cut-outs when it comes to revamping or designing your space. This city-based design company, By The Riverside should be your go-to option for you to create a rustic, countryside-like decor that reflects your personal style and immaculate design aesthetics.


The hot trend in decor, be it a home, a studio or a commercial space, is how modern design ideas are juxtaposed with vintage accents resulting in absolutely stunning, desirable spaces that we always wish is where we lived at. There’s something so tempting but stone-clas pathways, beach houses, windows by the bed or even a cabin in the middle of the forest...
All of this is possible right in the city. All you have to do is get By The Riverside on board and watch your dream space build.


Their expertise lies in choosing the right kind of rustic and vintage vibe with a blend of contemporary designs that is functional, reflects your personal preferences and maintains a balance of themes yet ensuring an absolutely stunning outcome. It’s the one and only design company in the city to include signature finishes and textures on earth as well as industrial patterns. Take a look at some of their innovative creations.

An in-house team designs, constructs and delivers bespoke furniture as well as residential and commercial projects using only naturally available materials. If you’ve got a new home or one that needs a lil update, or if you’re someone planning to open up a studio or a eatery you must must let them handle your design woes for, that will be the best decision you’d have made and it will leave you utterly satiated.


Trust us we won’t minding buying a space or a new house just to have them design it for us. Each project that they take up shows such passion for colours, signature earthy pieces, an alluring, mysterious feel to the room that you can’t imagine houses or your kitchens could look like it’s out of a movie set (actually even better).

We’re awestruck at the checkered floor and wooden with lime yellow accented kitchen, and even the gorgeous bedroom showing off an unreal window with beautiful, simple pieces around.


Simply call them, or check them out on Facebook or Instagram for their work, we won’t be surprised if you’re flabbergasted at the first sight. Remember we told you how you can get killer, dream-spaces.


Call: 9886439231

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  • Written by Shreeya Bohra

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