Stunning Pure Leather Classics

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Leather has always been a fashion luxury, and although everyone say they don’t indulge in leather, we know it’s on everyone’s must-have lists sometime over the years.

Let’s save you the trouble of waiting, or saving up for it, because Chiaroscuro’s collection of pure vintage & modern leather bags are here to please us without ripping our pockets apart.

Ranging from classic cuts of totes, slings, wallets, add some Ipad covers, mini-keychain bags, that we adore the most and in fine textures of cocoa leather, tan and a few shades of divine beige and oranges, Chiaroscuro is our go-to label. They’re popping up at VR Bengaluru on the 4th and 5th of March, from Delhi, for us to browse, explore and grab what we like the most.

Minimal, functional and evergreen is how we describe the bags, and precisely the reason why we’re so in love with their collection. The pieces are versatile providing easy-styling options on denim, kurtis, skirts, formal wear, you name it.
They source their leather from the meat industry, without harming or endangering any animals in the process, making it eco-friendly. Crafted by India’s skilled artisans, made to please.

Don’t wait up, head to their pop-up tick off one more item off your list. Happy Shopping!

Timings: 10:30a.m - 9:30p.m
Venue: Black Box, VR Bengaluru
Dates: 4th & 5th March

Written by Shreeya Bohra

Tags: Stunning Pure Leather Classics, Pop-up, Leather Bags

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