Style it with Buddhism inspired exotic effigies at Shambhala

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Find unique, vintage-inspired decor, Buddha effigies to give a mystical elegant touch to your house only at Shambhala, Unique Expressions, 100ft bar and boutique, 100ft road, Indiranagar.


Shambhala means a mystical kingdom in the Tibetan Buddhism and as named, the store deals in intricate and tasteful art forms that in one way or more depicts the art of the very culture. It’s a sublime mix of traditional and contemporary decor. It’s about ‘creative balance’ they say. One can find himself / herself lost in the fine art each piece portrays.


We walked into the store space overwhelmed by its Buddha effigies, their vibrant, vintage and Buddhism-inspired shelf décor. The store showcases some of the best and rich-looking side-shelf décor. Designs originated from a different time-zone, you’ll find a dominance of Buddha-inspired effigies in the store. And it is said, and known to have luck and good fate to keep Buddha in parts of your house. So there you go, all the more reason to stop by and bring yourself some luck. They also have effigies of the ladies in beautifying, mystifying figures from stone-age era, cave-men times.


What’s more and for the contemporary world are the vintage-inspired décor that polished your modern furnitures. We’re talking telephones, binoculars, telescopes, airplanes all with a vintage look and feel but makes everything look extremely fancy. And who doesn’t like vintage-inspired anything, really? Look out for the treasure chest in metal and wood, available in different sizes and shapes. We absolutely love those. Also if you’re a lil quirky on the inside check out the truck-shapes newspaper holder. We actually went ahead and picked one for ourselves. We couldn’t do justice if we went about describing it more for y’all.
Also as mentioned in the previous article (read here) they also have wide range of candle holders, lanterns, carousels, porcelain hurricanes to brighten your world.


Our verdict – Shambhala has plentiful for everyone. Get your houses a make-over and fill them with these timeless pieces to bring out an appeal elegant and as well as soothing.


Address: 100ft Boutique Bar, 777/i, 100ft road, Indiranagar.

Contact: 09880233444

Opens – 10a.m. – 1 a.m.

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