Tandoori Chicken, Achari Paneer Samosas to eat at this Party

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Ever wondered of corn and cheese samosa, mutton keema samosa, samosa burger? You can find all of these and many more combinations at a great little place in Indiranagar. Serving more than 10 different varieties of samosa, with the perfect brew of chai, ‘Samosa Party’ is the ideal place for an evening snack. Earlier a delivering joint, they are venturing their way into opening many more outlets across the city and you’ll be thankful for it. A good hearty samosa is almost everyone’s favorite and the joy gets escalated when you get to choose your own filling and you can eat a different kind every day of the week.

With no one denying a piece of good old Punjabi style aalo samosa, their best selling ones are the tandoori chicken samosa, mutton keema samosa, pickely paneer samosa. Imagine the goodness of tandoori chicken or achari paneer combined with the crispy outer covering of samosa, a match made in heaven, don’t you think? Their veg and non- veg platters are also a great choice if you are in a group and don’t want to miss out on any of the assortment. The samosa chat, samosa roll and samosa burger are definitely most unconventional take on a samosa with amazing results. They also have options of kota kachori, French fries, maggi, chola kulcha if you want to give samosa a break. The array of chai and coffee with summer drinks like keri pudina, shikanji and jaljeera, will make sure you are in for a great treat.

Their cost friendly and delightful menu will definitely leave a great smile on your face and wallet alike. Another great thing about the place is their concern with freshness; every samosa is freshly prepared on order leaving behind any chance of a soggy and stale samosa being served.

If you are planning a corporate meeting, kitty party or your kid’s birthday, definitely give their ‘snack boxes’ a try. With snacks, a beverage and a sweet combined they are self sufficient, easy to serve and will save you from cleaning the mess later. They provide a hearty portion of a meal in their snack boxes without posing a burden on your pocket.

It’s a great party indeed with a samosa, a chai in hand and friends all around, and ‘samosa party’ is a great place to dig in the next time you are in Indiranagar.

Author Credit: Suhani Jain

Picture Credit: Suhani Jain/Samosa Party



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