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Nowadays everyone makes shakes, but taking top-class Gelato instead of ice-cream and blending it with your choice of mixes and coming out with an ultimate, thick and creamy shake happens only at Tempteys.They have recently opened its first outlet in BTM layout, Bangalore.
Taking pride in their thick and tasty shakes, Tempteys does provide a quality experience of having to taste thick shakes made out of Gelato and yogurt based ice-cream. Proud to be one of the pioneers of Gelato and yogurt based shakes,  Tempteys offers a variety of mixes and even allows you to make your own shake at the same time.
Tempteys shakes can either be your breakfast or midnight craving snack, as these thick shakes are quite filling and fulfilling too.They surely know you won’t be disappointed while they believe that there’s a little something amazing for everyone and you can go crazy with their quirky and fresh combos that come to you in the old fashion tall milkshake containers.
These shake artists have introduced two options, Gelato and Avalanche which have proved to thicker an tastier when it comes to making shakes. They take pride in having their raw materials imported all the way from Italy and that their shakes do contain real fruits and fruit purees.
We see that glass bottle milkshakes have been trending all over the city, but Tempteys now is here to revive the original thick shake in the old fashioned way and here to prove why they are the best in the business.
With a nice peppy ambiance and a very courteous and friendly welcome, Tempteys churn some of the best milkshakes we have ever come across so far.
They have a complete Shake Bar counter that makes shakes ranging from Classic shakes to Premium & Exclusive shakes. Their combination of shakes line up from Fruity flavoured to coffee or chocolate while they also cater to the healthy crowd.
Choco-Brownie which comes across as a perfect blend of Chocolate, homemade Brownies & in-house ice-cream topped with whipping cream & brownie crumbles that are just scrumptious. Every sip contains a wonderful fusion of chunks of brownie with a thick chocolate flavoured shake. Butter & Scotch is a blend of Butterscotch sauce and while it is made with the in-house ice-cream topped with nuts and Oreo Minto which is our favourite crunchy Oreo cookies in green mint milkshake topped with whipping cream & Oreo. 
Choco-Hazelnut and many more chocolate and coffee based delights are on their menu
They recommend Avalanche base if you are a fruity flavoured person and the Gelato base if you are more of a chocolate boy/girl.
From the fruit section The Straw Banana, a blend of fresh strawberry puree and chunks of fresh cut banana blended with imported avalanche ice cream and topped with colorful sprinkles is surely a delight for those fruity lovers. They have done justice to all fruits and have a whole set of fruity delights to offer and choose from
Ola Granola - A perfect blend of Protein, Granola, Cornflakes with in-house made gelato topped is healthy and tasty at the same time, quite a catch, isn’t it?
Not only satisfying your sweet tooth, they also make sure their products contain some health benefits; in Gelato based shakes they say that it contains half the calories than a regular ice cream while their shakes are rich in protein and more creamy with less fat. And in Yogurt based shakes, they say it Contains Potassium while it curbs excess overeating and hunger and it also has Vitamins that help in strengthening the immune and digestive system like vitamin B12.
Tempteys does stand out to be a unique premium shake bar in the city and first to use Gelato & Avalanche resulting in combinations of heavenly shakes. So, head over now to satisfy those sweet pangs while you dig into some their thick shakes at Tempteys.
Author and Picture Credit: Tapan Menezes

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