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Cooking is an art, the Chef holds a spatula calling it his brush, what follows is magic and his canvas is his plate.  Think of food which not only tastes ambrosial, but also is presented to you in the most beautiful way. You’re introduced into a whole new world of culinary cooking. No matter how much we try to exaggerate about our newest Café, we will always come up short. The innovation is beyond comprehension. We present to you, one of the best we have tried, newly opened Café’s in Bangalore g77 Café.

What appeared to be a new place with quite an elegant ambiance, though it was nothing mind blowing, what really did take us back was their food and drinks, the innovation and flavours were like nothing we have ever had before. There is a very long list of the things we liked here, so with no further ado we’ll get right to it.

MELTING POTS “CHICKEN”: PANI PURI shells, yes you heard us right, Pani Puri shells with sublet hints of minced chicken accepting the luscious cheese. Served fancily in a ferris wheel.

NACHOS BHEL: Mexican tortilla chips topped with cheese and tomato salsa, an interesting twist to the usual nachos.

C3 BALLS: Cheese, chilli and corn fried ball. Though crumb fried, it was low on oil and very delicious.

MUTTON PEPPER FRY: Tender lamb, cooked with onion chilli & finished with freshly ground pepper.

G77 CHICKEN WINGS: Crispy chicken wings tossed in spicy BBQ sauce, the wings were amazing and we found ourselves fighting for who gets the last piece.

GHEE ROAST ‘PRAWN’:  In house speciality made with homemade ghee & spices, the taste of home made ghee in praws was indeed a very interesting one and a must try.

CHEESE CHINESE TIKKA:  Chicken tikka with a Chinese twist, garnished with cheese. The chicken melts in your mouth leaving behind the amazing flavour of malai and cheese behind.

PERI-PERI CHICKEN: Chicken tender tossed with peri peri sauce

KORI ROTI “KARNATAKA STYLE”: Country chicken cooked in Karnataka style, served with crispy Kori

ANJAL MASALA FRY: Sear fish marinated with local spices & grilled

NEW YORK STEAK: Marinated beef steak served with béarnaise sauce, mashed potatoes & veggies, though we not a fan of beef, never had we ever had beef so soft and delicious. Hats off to the Chef.

When you visit this place, prepare to have your minds blown away, we do say this with a lot of confidence and so will the team at g77.  From food to drinks to service, everything about this place gave us Goosebumps, do share us your experience upon your visit here.

Address: 1200, 100 ft road,  1st floor, 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone no: 080 45128719
Pricing: 500 per person for a delicious meal.

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