This Jayanagar Store Offers Natural Fruit Bombs!

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This Jayanagar Store Offers One of its Kind, Natural Fruit Bombs!
Ola Bangalore! We found an uber cool and completely awesome dessert store in the heart of the southern part of the city! They serve desserts that are guilt-free and served with a masaledaar spice mix! A trending concept that is sure to attract a variety of customers.
Kulfreeze has opened its second store in Jayanagar and is all set to take on the leading dessert stores in the vicinity. As the name suggests, all the products are a take on the traditional Indian ice-cream i.e., kulfi! The availability of a variety of flavors will definitely make picking one flavor difficult! 
There are two kinds of desserts available- milk based and water based. The milk-based desserts have a creamy and indulgent texture whereas the water-based desserts are loaded with flavor and light on the palate. They call the sweet treats as ‘frozen fruit bombs’. They literally are an explosion of fresh flavors in your mouth. Quirky flavors like jamun, imli, pineapple, and paan are sure show-stoppers. Seasonal flavors like muskmelon, litchi and angoor are must-haves in the respective seasons. 
If you aren’t a person who is up for experimenting, then don’t worry! Kulfreeze also offers traditional flavours like malaichi, badam and Kashmiri Kesar. These kulfis boast of a nostalgic flavour and are very popular amongst the older generations. For the chocoholics, Kulfreeze offers a chocolate kulfi that has been specially grown in the Siliguri region of India. If one kulfi is not enough, then buy the party packs which are available in various flavours. Don’t forget to check out the sugar-free options for the sugar-conscious!
Timings: 2PM-11PM
Author and Picture Credit: Vaishnavi KV

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