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A glance at a beautiful planter at your work desk or at a coffee table at your home surely has a power of rejuvenating you, and Leafy Life is all set to redecorate your place. Set up in Koramangala, visiting their store is no less than visiting a meditation centre as the warmth of the plants will undoubtedly pacify your mind and soul. With unique concepts such as magnetic planters, flower tubes, wallflower living frames, disc planters; they are already revolutionizing the future of plantscaping. 

Introducing great technology has not stopped the creators from being as natural as possible. The use of pure materials, natural colours with exotic plants is a great testimony to harmony in simplicity. One of the most aesthetically pleasing products has to their ceramic pots exported all the way from France and Belgium which comes in various shapes and colors; possibly all the shapes and colors you can imagine. Bowls, cubes, rectangle, tubes, totem, disc planters are amongst the few and you can plan to hang them or just make them seated in your favorite spot. And hey, you can customize your pots according to your will too. 
The Canon magnetic planter which comes with a magnetic sticker can literally be stuck to any flat surface and requires to be watered only twice a week.  The bell variety is a series of paper clay pots, and they are as closest to nature as you can get, with the pot itself being carved out of an ecological and biodegradable combination of paper and clay. The play of shapes, colors, textures are never-ending at Leafy Life and you need to witness their magic with their Ace, connect, fusion, match, tear and pivot series too. 
The amazement doesn’t just end here, one of the most intriguing things you’ll find at Leafy Life is the Wall Flower Living Frames! Yes, a frame of your favorite plants.  Believe us, you’ll want to add this to your wall and it will be the best piece of art you have ever bought! And don’t think we are referring to dead plants; they are live plants and would require a minimal effort of yours to sustain themselves. 
Plants do have the power to breathe life into a dead space and with such planters, you can embrace positivity in every corner of your interior. Head over to their store now to add a lively and beautiful charm to your workplace too. Also, if you are always in a fix to choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones to go on and pick a pot of magic for them. 
Address: 120/A 2nd Cross, KHB Colony, Behind Airtel Office, 5th Block, Koramangala
Contact: 9945978647, 8048656647
Timings: 10:30 AM- 7:30PM 
Author Credit: Suhani Jain

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