This Pinterest-like Store offers Flowers, Bird Cages & More!

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The charm of Floral Conceptz on Jeevan Bhima Nagar Road with its colourful and vibrant display of bird cages, glass lamps and little terrariums which are all woven with lit up fairy lights provides satiety to the soul right from the first glance. The lovely sight and ambiance instantly bring you into a state of calmness.
Now imagine having the same feeling on entering your home. Yes, that’s right, the awesome décor can be in one of your room, on a budget. And that’s what Floral Conceptz aim to do.

Though the outlet is cozy, the number of flowers it houses in along with lamps, fairy lights, and colorful pebbles, is pretty astonishing. Run by a charismatic guy named Avijit, the store offers beautiful, fresh as well as artificial and dry flowers in tiny white pots, and even bamboo plants in small glass bowl considered as good luck.

But what will immediately attract you on stepping inside this shop, and trigger all your collective fantasies are Floral Conceptz’s charming birdcages, all intertwined with fairy lights in cheery colours — some come with floral decorated too, and some with painted birds. Though the cages look ordinary, and a little tacky by themselves, but when lit, they can transform any living room, or party table from something to something utterly magical. 

Coloured glass lamps with fairy lights stuffed in them, and globular terrariums with little fake plants, flowers and pebbles are all available there. All lights come with wires and a plug. Floral Conceptz also stocks gorgeous blooms such as lilies, roses, tulips, and more.

In case, you are looking for some cool floral accents for wedding or trousseau packing, a car decoration for the groom or even a wedding party set up, that you want to be Instagram worthy, then Floral Conceptz is all set to go for that as well! 

So, what are you waiting for? Buzz them whenever you are looking forward to Pinterest worthy celebrations or decor.

Author and Picture Credit: Antra Paul

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