Turn your homes into a Quirky Miniature Garden, Zilpakala

Attributes: Outdoor/Gardening

Miniature Gardens, Terrariums, Hanging plants, pots, garden décor, Cacti & more starting at 100/- at Zilpakala!

Contact: 9449072028, 9663533339

We all dream about a colourful, pretty space to live in! One which makes you smile as soon as your eyes open, make you feel refreshed for the day and just brings about plenty of positive vibes!

Now a Garden is the most beautiful place to be in the mornings or rather any time of the day. However, some of us, despite being in the “Garden City” don’t get the privilege or space to have such greenery around!

Well, we found a place for you with such marvellous creations that you can surround yourself with greenery even if you don’t have any garden area or even an outdoor space. We’re talking in house home décor, hanging plants, miniature tray gardens, terrariums, bonsai’s and so much more to make your living space or rather workspace so much more breathable and refreshing! 

Zilpakala is a beautiful home décor store located in 3 different corners of Bangalore, offering you the prettiest, quirky plant pots, trays, miniature gardens and more! The place will make your living/work space vibrant and colourful with their range of products! Starting from an extremely affordable price point of 100/- onwards, these plants are easy to maintain and long lasting as well.

You can find little artificial mushrooms, butterflies & similar products made to add life and color to your garden or even indoor spaces! The Terrariums and garden trays just take things to a whole new level of beautiful home décor that we could help but fill up our home space with their products!

Trust us, this place is for every kind of home and you  must try definitely try them out!

Address: Midhila Deluxe Apts Commercial Building 3rd Floor,
Maruthi Building No 1287, 25th C Cross, HSR Layout, Sector-2, Bengaluru 560102
Swamy Vivekanada Metro Station, A Block , Store no 12-13, Old Madras Road, Bengaluru 38

Contact: 9449072028, 9663533339

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