Vintage-inspired home decor pieces at The Purple Pony

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Bring home vintage-looking almirahs and storage cupboards and add a royal element to your space only at THE PURPLE PONY.
Ever seen organised but aesthetic chaos? If you’ve not, or you want to be inspired a better one, then walk into The Purple Pony store in Koramangala 4th Block to witness a beautifully arranged home decor store, housing all thing royal, innovative and exceptional.

The store did a fantastic job of luring with it’s gorgeous exteriors. We loved every nook and corner of the store, with their beautiful home decor pieces that portray a creative blend of design and exclusivity. With what we see, we guarantee you’ll be delighted with their range of home furnishings, decor, kitchen and lifestyle accessories.

Talking about our favourite pieces, please take a good long look their vintage-inspired storage cupboards and almirahs in various accented textures of wood. Captivating and highly desired by the CityShor team, do not miss out on these pieces if you want a slight touch of vintage in your modern space decor. We’ve selected the ones we love the most for you to get an insight of the kind of collection they carry.

Furthermore, check out their uber-cool ceramic and porcelain jars and kitchen accessories. In soothing tones, textures and cuts, they store an array of innovatively designed jars in different shapes and sizes. We’re thinking these are definitely going to make the ladies stay in the kitchen happily and willingly even (chauvinistic of us, but still funny).

And to add some quirk in your rooms, balconies and boring corners are their newest collection of aqua blue fishes, and other metallic animal shelf-decor. Like always, we’re making things easier for you by showing y’all our top picks. You can blindly trust us, for we only speak in-vogue.

Grab them before they’re gone, the collection is renewed every 2-3 months to keep the customers wanting, and to entice us with gorgeousness.

Find them here on Facebook.

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