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TORQ92 is a garage-themed cafe with tables that have been designed from old bike parts, ash tray from a piston, spoons and forks that have a spanner on the other end, wheel rims, mounted on the wall.

The cafe also has an adjacent store and garage. This place serves as a true haven for all those bikers who can get their bikes serviced or spruced up while their tummies are also taken care of simultaneously. The store houses all the necessary biking gears & other accessories which the super bikes will revel in.

It also has a raw and laid back ambiance that adds to the much required edgy look to a biker, they can totally feel at ease and finally enjoy something that totally resonates with them.TORQ92 houses few of the best mechanics and technicians that help choose the right gear required for an avid super biker and also keenly listens to the ticks of the bike to identify if this is a problem or is it ticking right. Wanna catch a glimpse of some superbikes seen in the English movies and longed to see in reality while grabbing a bite of some delicious snacks- TORQ92 is the place to go!

They serve a variety of coolers to beat the heat. The outstanding one was the watermelon jalapeno lemonade, that gives a tingling sensation to your taste buds and made you realize that sweet, spicy and sour could turn out to be the best of friends in this beverage. Their pomegranate ginger lime water and the cucumber pineapple leek water are also highly recommended thirst quenchers for those sunny days. For those who prefer to have some hot beverage, they also offer tea (assam, lemon,darjeeling, masala) coffee (cappuccino, espresso, black coffee and latte) and hot chocolate (choccocino and gourmet chocolate) to kickstart your day. The burgers and sandwiches are bound to make your tummy happy as they are generously splurged with the different sauces. One is sure to be spoilt for choice and be indecisive when you glance through the menu as everything seems tempting. Bruschetta is sliced bread that is topped with tomato, basil and pepper also serve as a healthy snack for those gym days. The chicken wings that have been prepared with the right amount of flavours is sure to give you – “the finger licking good” experience. The pastas and the pizzas that are served in this cafe are also delicious. 

This place is also an amazing breakfast joint for those bikers who want to laze around on a sunday morning. So, tell us, when are you visiting them?

Author and Picture Credit: Ann Grace Jason

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