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You are not an alcoholic if you drink Rum before 10a.m No, no, you’re a Pirate and that’s cool! Newly opened, an addition on the list of bars on 100ft road, Indirangar, THE WORKSHOP encourages you to work while you drink, or just drink. They love people with flexible worth ethics, or none at all!
Upon hearing the name you’d think it’s a workspace or workshop and it’s even more convincing to think so with the walls made to look undone and the boxes full of tools like drill guns, screwdrivers, spanners and the sort you’d find in the corner. But Alas! It’s simply a workshop themed bar with bare, minimal ambiance, walls splattered with stickers of tools on one side and the other made to look like plastered metal wheels. You’d be wondering why are we telling you about this if it’s just another bar right? Well for one the theme definitely is unique and for the other that they believe one must work while sipping on drinks, or have meetings while chilling, because let’s face it who doesn’t like that? The Workshop really does love those who have flexy work lifestyle or have absolutely no ethics. And god do they have great cocktails!
Talking of cocktails let’s get right into our favourites.
RED BALLS– made with watermelon and kaffir lime leaves in white rum, this was so refreshing and delicious, we definitely claim this to be our favourite.
GOSSIP GIRLS– vodka based cocktail with litchi and dominant, succulent flavour of rose pickle. Made for an interesting cocktail.
THO-DA-KISKO – tequila with khus syrup, ginger, lime and the overpowering green chilli giving it a spicy twist. If you can’t deal with spicy, this isn’t for you, but for those who love spicy anything, go ahead and get drunk on it.
LAMBI CHAI- is their version of long island iced tea with white rum, vodka and whisky with a strange combination of black tea that at first we were sceptical of, but it was amazing.
TRUE ROMANCE – what’s very hard to find otherwise, here at The Workshop they give it with honeydew melon, peach crush and lime juice with a base of Vodka (naturally, because men aren’t looking for true romance in cocktails they found that in whisky).
To eat:
AGLIO OLIO PEPPERONCINI – well cooked spaghetti in olive oil, that’s not too dry with the right amount of chilli, garlic and spices. This was a perfect Aglio Olio.
BASIL PESTO – a creamy pesto spaghetti with pine nuts, authentically delicious.
Chicken Milanese: Marinated chicken breast strips with parmesan sauce with panko crumb, olive tapenade, basil pesto drizzle sauce and a side salad. We loved this from the very first bite, the flavouring was absolutely perfect and a Must Try dish.
Onion Rings: Deep fried rings of sliced onions served with a aioli sauce. Low oil comparatively, and a great cocktail friendly starter.
POTATO WEDGES – masala wedges cooked with spiced onion salad served with barbeque dip. Extremely different than usual wedges.
Overall take – a different themed bar, with interesting cocktails and shooters and delicious food. Worth your next Saturday night experience. Let us also tell you the beer and other liqueur are decently priced for a sloshed night.

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