Yummy Experiments to Savour at this Lab-themed Dessert Place

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DID YOU KNOW? That liquid nitrogen at -320°F or -196°C (in other words, it's super cold) can be used to make instant ice cream that is creamy, rich and free of preservatives that is found usually in pre-frozen ice cream. I was lucky enough to come across such a place in Indiranagar. Iceperiment, as the name suggests, is an experiment done on a cream substance and some liquid nitrogen that gives you the oohs and aahs feel while watching this wonderful feat. This is usually practiced in molecular gastronomy, that incorporates the usage of scientific tools and techniques with culinary equipments to prepare certain delicacies.

Their berry candy floss is a pot pourri of flavors bursting in your mouth with the sweetness and tanginess of the berries (strawberry, blueberry and raspberry) served with cotton candy and enjoyed by both young and old, alike. For all those chocoholics, Their double chocolate ice cream and chocolate gems ice cream are to die for! Topped generously with gems, wafers, candies, jellies, chocolate vermicelli and a lot more to this delicious treat. The strawberry litchi ice cream and the peach and apricot ice cream are a delight to have as each bit melts in your mouth and help you enjoy the pure bliss of dairy. The honey rose, oreo overdose and caramel popcorn are some things that the foodies should experiment on. Their nutella banana is every bit yummy as you bite into every spoon of it. This instant ice cream is gaining popularity among the dessert aficionados as it not only enhances the quality of the cream but also includes the “WOW” factor as you patiently wait for your lovely waffle cup of ice cream.

One important factor to be noted in this ice cream parlour is that it generates minimal amount of plastic waste as all the ice creams are served in a waffle cup and the ice cream must be had immediately cause it tends to melt sooner as it has been frozen right in front of you and served. They are also coming up with 100% vegan ice cream that is made out of coconut milk and soy milk for all those lactose intolerant people who shouldn't miss out on the amazing flavors this parlour has to offer.

This laboratory themed ice cream store with its different coloured chemical setup, chalk board writing and delicious formulas to incorporate with your ice cream is sure to give you the drools for its bowl of happiness! Visit it without fail!

Address :314, 6th Main Rd, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
Contact: 096326 80690

Author and Picture Credit: Ann Grace Jason


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