Attain Nirvana, one Chocolate at a time with Rosarte!

Cuisines: Chocolates

Attributes: Desserts, Home made, Delivery

If Dairy Milk is prêt, then Rosearte Chocolatier definitely makes for the gastronome’s couture.  Check out Rosearte Chocolatier – a one of its kind chocolate boutique in South Delhi for a yummy experience!. Their uniqueness lies in the sourcing-all ingredients are pure Belgian and no compounds are used. If eating is not your thing, then go nuts gifting! They have nicely packaged gifting options ranging from Nutella-like caramel and hazelnut spreads to cakes and brownies. We strongly suggest the bonbons and truffles (try Voltaire Coffee and Ivory Zephyr). Priced at Rs350 a box, they are next to heaven!

They source their chocolate from all over the world with well thought of recipes. Each piece has a story behind it. Graduate from the Au Lait (Milk chocolate) and go for their finely blended 55% Noir (dark) chocolate instead. It is smooth and irresistible!
Indulge in their brand new range of brownies and cookies (We recommend Almond and Granola). It melts in the mouth with a lingering aftertaste that makes you want more. And for all you health conscious folks out there, the best part is that they are gluten free and vegan! Speaking of almonds, their best seller is the Chip and Dale bar and it’s obvious why.  The bar is made solely out of almonds blended with rich chocolate that takes amazing to a whole new level. 

If we have tempted you already then now is the right time to order your pack of happiness, peeps!

Contact: 9717717669

Author Credit: Nikita Chawla

Picture Credit: Rosarte

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