Bid for your Alcohol like at Stock Exchange at this New Bar!

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Restaurants nowadays are as much about themes as they are about the food. Every second restaurant in Delhi-NCR has some or the other theme built into it. In this mix of quirky cafes and eateries comes the Noida Bar Exchange.

The restaurant, the second bar exchange after Mumbai, is a property of Smaaash and is situated right inside the gaming arena's premises at DLF Mall of India, Noida. Keeping the good aside, it's the alcohol that is in focus here. 

The entire alcohol purchase system is built around the concept of stock exchange. Just like the stocks in real life, the prices of alcoholic beverages decrease and increase throughout the day. 

The fun doesn't stop here though. The whole ordering system is based on an app, the Noida Bar Exchange app that can be downloaded online. (The restaurant offers free wifi to aid this purpose.) 

Every day, the prices are set to the base price and from thereon the prices keep changing. It's your luck if you get a cheaper or more expensive version of your favourite drink. Also, alcohol isn't the only kind of drink on offer here; there are plenty of mocktails to choose from as well  'Sex on the beach', for instance, is a pretty sweet (literally) deal.

It's a multi-cuisine affair at the Noida Bar Exchange. Amongst the chicken dishes, the ‘Tangra style Chicken Chilli’ is a delicious Kolkata style chilli chicken preparation with soya sauce. Along with the ‘Smaaash Chicken Kathi Wrap’, the dish proves to be a competent representation of the restaurant's offerings.

Make sure to visit this hip place this season for bidding alcohols and more.

Address: A501, B 504, Smaaash, 4th Floor, DLF mall of India, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Phone: 099993 11141

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