Chic and Flawless Linen Couture by this Sainik Farms Studio!

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What comes to our mind when we think of linen? Fab India. But there is more to linen than that, according to Shabnam Oberoi, founder and creative director of Little Capri Island, a boutique that sells 100 percent linen clothes. “This kind of clothing is not available in India. Even now, I do not think I have many competitors, as linen is explored much in India. I used to travel to Italy to get good linen wear. In India, we could pick up one top or one pair of trousers from big names like Zara or Mango. It was so difficult to put together an entire look. It is this gap that we are trying to bridge,” says the designer who is an interior designer by profession.

The studio in Sainik Farms has dresses, hats, shoes and even accessories. “Since it is a small and not a well-known space, we have a niche customer segment who fixes appointments. I usually put together an entire look together for those who want to travel abroad,” says Oberoi.

Started in December 2016, Oberoi had to face a lot of challenges in terms of spreading awareness. “It was tough to make people understand what linen is—many thought it was high maintenance. I had to reiterate the fact that the linen we sell can be bundled in a suitcase and taken anywhere,” she says.

Oberoi sources the linen from the local mills and designs the clothes herself. She is passionate about the environment, so there are no additive materials like rayon. The accessories are also very organic—paper beads, jute, and mother of pearls are used mainly. Hats are also an important part of the collection at Little Capri Island but they are imported from Italy as Oberoi says, “It is very difficult to get hats right in India.”

“Linen is eco-friendly, UV repellant and perfect for Indian weather. I wish Indians would start wearing it more often,” says Oberoi. Her blue, off-white and beige collections are perfect for a beach vacation. If you don’t want to fix an appointment, head to their online store,

For the clothing line, prices range from Rs 3500-8500.  The average price for an entire look would be somewhat like this: 6000 (clothes) +1500 (hat) + 600-3500 (neck piece) + 1500-4500 (shoes) + 3500- 28000 (bags). Your holiday look is fab!

Address: Plot no 2, Farm no 3, Club drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi, India 110030
Contact: 096507 28366

Author Credit: Lisa Garg

Picture  Credit: Little Capri Island

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