Feel like an Arm Chair Royal in these Marandi Wood Chairs!

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Tucked away amid the lush greens of Shanti Niketan, Aradhana Anand’s studio, Limon, is an exotic paradise of wingback chairs. A perfect nostrum for the otherwise boring upholstery we find everywhere, Limon brings to you the magical prospect of turning chairs into a piece of art, made to steal everyone’s attention. Designed with aesthetically pleasing fabric, these chairs offer an eclectic mix of vibrancy and class.

During our conversation, Aradhana revealed that making these chairs was not something she used to for a living. After spending nearly 9 years as an oil freight trader in the maritime industry in Dubai and Singapore, Aradhana decided to venture into what seemed like a true calling- making chairs like no one else in the country. And so, she decided to put her years of industry experience aside and deep dive into the pool of creativity and passion. 

Since then, for almost a year and half, Aradhana has kept herself quite busy weaving the Indian classics into the utmost contemporary to fabricate wingback chairs. She relies on a wide assortment of fabric styles, sometimes Indian Saree to clad these chairs. She also plays with ikat and Banarasi to add the much-needed character to these chairs for your humble abode. As for colours, Aradhana is purposely bringing in the pop colours like fuschia and orange grafted with teal and grey. 

An ideal pice of chair with Limon will have your wishes and ideas closely knitted all over the chair. Aradhana will sit you down and have you ogle over her catalogue that boasts of marvellous styles and a state-of-the-art collection. As a buyer, you’re more then expected to express your ideas, how you’d wish your chair to be, the fabric, colour patterns, style, preferences and choice of design. These intricate details will then be turned into your soon-to-be favourite upholstery, quite daintly. 

Aradhana uses Marandi wood in all her work, a distant friend of teak that’s strong, durable and long lasting. Her brand, Limon currently deals with 5 styles in chairs in over 12 upholstery patterns. These enchanting chairs take about a month or two to get prepared, where Aradhana turns her fine taste into magic using solid colours, a massive yet careful collection of fabrics from state emporiums across the national capital, a sense of fragility clubbed with modern art. 

In future, Aradhana aims to explore eco-friendly options, using recycled woods and fabric that doesn’t bear any harm to the environment. She’s also planning on weaving the Indian classics in her style, more thoroughly and deep rooted than it is as of now. So go ahead and get your hands on this beauty. 

Address- 1/29 C Shanti Niketan 110021 New Delhi, India 
Contact: 088262 78883

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/limonstory/ 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/limonstory 
Website - http://www.limon-design.com/ 

Author Credit: Shewali

Picture Credit: Limon

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