Feel the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Vibe at Central Perk Cafe of the City

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Are you a huge fan of Friends TV Series? Then, you must have dreamt of sitting on that orange couch and have a great time with friends. You don’t have to wait anymore as a Friends themed café has opened in our Delhi. The name of the café is Central Perk. It is located in Hudson Lane, G.T.B Nagar on the first floor of the building. 
Perk Café is one of the best hangout places for friends in Delhi. You get to sit on the orange couch and chill out with your friends. It is near to the G.T.B Metro Station.  The Friend’s café is owned by Arushi and Ajit. When asked about why they have chosen this theme for their café, Ajit told us they wanted to open a place where friends can just hang out with each other and have a great time. They both are a huge fan of FRIENDS TV SERIES and wanted to revive their old memories. 
The interiors of Central
Perk Café are wonderful. They have made sure that the main theme of the café does not get ruined. You got to see the Orange Couch, huge photos and banners of FRIENDS star cast incorporated into the design. They have not missed out on anything!

Not only the décor of the café is based on Friends, but even the Menu is inspired by the same. You can find many dishes and shakes based on the characters of the TV Series like Joey’ Pizza, Central Perk Fantasy, Phoebe Crusher, Ross Special Sandwich et al. Central Perk also has a Hooka Bar that is named after Gunther. It is known as Gunther Station. 

I will be there for you is one of the most popular dialogues of Friends. So, they have named one of their shakes after that. It is a must have whenever you visit this Café. Both the owners of Friends café are Vegans. But, they have made sure that their customers can have both veg and non-veg food here. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you must try Polo-Al-Florentine. It is chicken stuffed with Keema in a spicy gravy. We ordered X on the beach, Polo-Al-Florentine, I will be there for you, Manchurian and Paan- flavored Hooka. 
It is cozy and affordable place to spend quality time with friends. It is located in the prime location of North Campus; therefore, you can always see a crowd of students having a great time here. 

So, don’t wait. Take your friends to this amazing place with you to have delicious food and a great time.

Address- 2510, Hudson Lane, GTB Nager, Delhi, 110009
Contact Number- 078381 10592


Author and Picture Credit: Ruby Goyal



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