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This place is a shout out for all you gym freaks and health conscious calorie counting folks who want to have something healthy but tasty! Set in the heart of South Delhi, Root'd India serves simple, holistic and sumptuous food that will appeal to even the most hardcore of nonvegetarians.

With an artificial tree sporting woven bird nests in one corner and brown paper for mats, this place has an earthy and cozy feel to it. As you have your food and look out the French window, soft soulful music plays in the background reminding you of a hill station.

If your taste buds have been dulled with excessive sugar and preservatives then the natural flavours and textures of vegan food will surprise you! Just try one of their cold-pressed juices or smoothie bowls and you’ll know what we mean! What we liked best about this place is its integrity -The produce is organic and responsibly sourced from stand-alone farmers. The idea is to make eating sustainable without denuding Nature’s bounty.

Other than nuts and seeds, what do vegans eat? If this question has ever crossed your mind then you must try the ribbon pasta in red sauce and the yellow thai curry for a soulful awakening! For appetizers, we had the potato salad and the kashmiri soup with green peas. Both were fresh and executed beautifully. For drinks we had the watermelon juice (cold pressed) and a Vietnamese Ice Coffee which was done just right. They are soon starting a gluten-free range and adding new twists to their recipes. We can’t wait to wolf down paneer makhni pizzas made on a ragi /coconut base! For dessert, we had the banana bread waffles and loved every bite of it!

So we are saying that if you are of the opinion that healthy equals to boring then this vegan Café will change your mind! Why compromise on either taste nutrition or when you can have the best of both worlds?

Address: 216 A/1, Gulmohar Park Road, Near Father Agnel School, Gautam Nagar, 110049 

Contact: 011 4904 7520

Author and Picture Credit: Nikita Chawla

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