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The word Patrena refers to a Maina bird in one of the Upanishads. Legend has it that this bird emits gold from a beautiful vessel. This brand considers India that vessel and its rich culture and heritage the gold they try to bring out in their work.  Their store has a pop-up shop feel to it, somewhat akin to travelling through an old village market in Punjab. Celebrating ethnicity, each piece is worked upon locally with block prints on traditional weaves focusing on the intrinsic craft practices of a particular state or city.  

Traveling through the most vivid Indian states and towns and admiring the vast array of crafts, Patrena collaborates with artisans bring collection after collection, hand crafted specialities that are both unique and contemporary, yet soaked in culture.  
Patrena Apparels comprise hand-woven textiles from various parts of India which are embroidered, inspired and shaped from village crafts. We loved their Durrie Bags which are cut out of vintage Punja durries and the shoulder and crossbody bags that are embellishment free and supplemented with soft leather trims.

The Punjabi Jutti or Khussa is the handmade footwear of Punjabi origin common in North India and Pakistan. Traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery, it involves the use of stencils for cutting and tracing designs on to the leather parts of the shoes. While men handle the cutting, shaping and assembling of the shoe, the women work beautiful embroideries on the top, back and sometimes even on the instep. 

The Phulkari embroidery technique (a craft quite unexplored until recently) is from the Punjab region which literally means flower work and is boldly featured in the Patrena collection. The fully covered fabrics are called Baghs ("garden") and the work is primarily done with white or yellow silk floss on cotton khaddarh. It starts from the centre on the fabric called "chashm-e-bulbul" and spreads to the whole fabric. Their collection is minimalistic stressing on practicality and wearability over everything else.

Visit this store for its fuss-free clothing that fuse tradition with functionality!

Address: B 160 Priyadarshini Vihar, Delhi, India
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