Get Handcrafted Dreamcatchers at this Quirky Gurgaon Studio!

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Epitomizing the bohemian style since forever, the quaint-looking dream catchers have been around in the market for quite some time. Loaded with beads, colourful strings, and delicate feathers that turn the otherwise boring walls of our house into quiet dreamy corners, these ornamented rings come in all sizes and patterns. 

Worried about what to bring your friend on her birthday or just pondering over how to decorate your office or home? Check out this Gurgaon based studio- Utopian Craftsmen, the hub for mystic dream catchers. Finely hand crafted from a variety of chic material like natural feather, chicken feather, wood, and macramé, Utopian Craftsmen produce deviant pieces of art, thoroughly following their penchant for creativity. 

Anusha, the mastermind behind this project juggles with a plethora of ideas, sizes, colours, patterns and techniques to make avant-garde dream catchers that’ll perfectly fit and adorn your space. From the ones as tiny as the size of your palm to the ones that are bigger than your television, the studio produces evocative art interlaced with beads, embroidery, multiple types of feather and a lot more. 

Taking weeks, sometimes even months to prepare, dream catchers are surrealistic pieces of art with wholly intricate details. All the beads and accessories are intertwined closely over layers and layers of elaborate design. One can pick an array of options when it comes to design and shape, but the circular patterns remain the best bet.  

Keeping the preferability of customization in mind, the studio puts in a lot of mind into turning their vivacious ideas into reality. With them, you can pick colours of your own choice, patterns, sizes and even the amount of money you’d want to spend on it. Starting from INR 1,000 in which you can buy a fine looking artwork, you can customize these dream catchers up to the cost of INR 10,000, varying in details, material used and size. 

So just in case, you’re looking for some boho and chic paraphernalia to decorate your house or just something folksy to resonate with your personality, one of these is a must for your décor. Take our word for their deviant section for colourful bliss and aesthetically pleasing products. We guarantee that you’d want to buy them all.  

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Author Credit: Shewali

Picture Credit: Utopian Craftsmen

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