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Two lawyers and an ex-banker might still fail law and finance but something that they would hardly fail at is knowing the taste of a perfectly brewed coffee. Drinking heaps of coffee with more than normal amount of sugar and adulterated coffee, this awesome threesome bunch decided to brew some fresh coffee straight from the fields of Chikamaglur in Kerela.

Located in Shahpur Jat, they now also have a perch to run operations, a barista counter and a tiny open space for onsite caffeinating. 

They promise 100% Arabica Beans with medium roast and when their coffee swirls in your mouth, it tastes nothing less than heavenly. It has the perfect blend of natural bitterness of coffee and just a subtle touch of sweetness to it. The freshly roasted coffee is slowly brewed with cold water over 22 hours to extract the richness, leaving behind the bitterness of the traditional hot brewed coffee.

They have Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee as limited edition and they also provide special subscription boxes for their fan base. For a personalized experience, visit their caffeine hub in Shahpur Jat or their website, they also have lots of recipes to share with the coffee lovers.

So, don't wait this week at all, treat yourself with their refreshing cafe anytime, people!


Address: 86B, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi - 49

Contact:  +91 9930412762

Author Credit: Prachee Bhardwaj

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