Head to Café Shunya for the detox Vegan Thaali and Salads!

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Café Shunya believes cooking is an art form and they are down to creating a new Indian way of indulging in whole food made for the soul!The food they put on our table has been grown locally, put together creatively and served lovingly with an aim of making not just a meal, but a memory. Local herbs and ingredients, rewrapped in the distinct nuances of the tropical subcontinent are brought together to create global favorites with a fond familiarity for the Indian palette. 

For starters, we ordered the Momo Mia Soup (A soothing oriental broth with noodles and crunchy momos) and were blown away by the quantity! We loved the Superfood salad which came with quinoa, sunflower seeds, beetroot, gooseberries, pomegranate and a dark balsamic dressing. For drinks, we tried the Coconut Bliss and the S.O.S.(Spiced Oatmeal) which were delicious. Their almond milk cappuccino was extremely well done and deserves a special mention. 

For the main course, we ordered the Spinach goat cheese and curry leaves pizza and the dark caramel burger. The latter came with delicious fries made of sweet potatoes, feta, a kidney bean patty and caramelized onions. Order only if you have a well-developed palette for the vegan and gluten-free category else stick to what they do best-Pizzas and salads!

If dessert is on your mind then don’t shy away! Ask for their heavenly ragi brownies and their delectable amaranth Gajaak! It is hard to stop at one especially when you know they satiate your sweet tooth without piling on the calories. 
This café celebrates consciously sourced Indian Ingredients and tries to grow the rest organically with a strong focus on Ayurveda and seasonal produce. On weekends they serve vegan thaalis which are high on antioxidants, chlorophyll and go easy on the liver.

One warning: As they are more of a breakfast café, be mindful of their 8 pm closing else your dinner plans will be thwarted!
As promised, the food was yummy, nutritious and filling and we are saying visit this café for a wholesome, guilt free bite!

Address: 115 Cross Point Mall (10.61 km)
                 122002 Gurgaon, Haryana
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/cafeshunya/?ref=br_rs
Contact: 0124 407 2555

Author and Picture Credit: Nikita Chawla

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