Head to Saket for Mess-Merizing Freak Shakes at this Joint!

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If dessert is BAE, and counting calories doesn’t count then Morellos Saket is a shout out to all you sweet lovers! Along with regular food, this place serves 13 dramatic Freak shakes which are the devil’s own. Each one up in done up in style and overflows from the top making it a tempting challenge to savour neatly. They say it takes about 7-10 mins to whip up one and it looks exactly as they sell it- larger than life, delicious and insane!

We ordered the Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut shake which came with Nutella coatings, a dark chocolate bar, munchies and ice cream of course! Each slurp revealed something new, delivering the delicious promise of ‘Mess(merising) Morellos’. A word of caution- no matter how big an eater you claim to be, you cannot humanly finish one shake all by yourself! We also tried the Pina Colada shake (priced at Rs 399/) it was a delight! Though a bit too creamy and syrupy for the average person, try it for the intense coconut flavour. Don’t miss out on their showstopper - the Bubble-gum shake (also their bestseller) for a sugar rush. Here’s a secret: Morellos is adding six new flavours for the winter including Cappuccino shake and Chai latte Shake. We are drooling already!

They have Pizzadila, sandwiches, fries and toast and the quantities are huge (just like the shakes). If you’re hungry, we recommend the red sauce with grilled veggies pasta. It is well made with fresh ingredients and added the much needed ‘spice’ to the sinful calorie bombs! We were pleasantly surprised with the cappuccino served thereafter- frothy and strong but not particularly bitter.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your Freak Shake On at Morellos!

Address: Khasra 258, Gali number 3, West end marg, Saidulajab, Saket
110030 New Delhi, India

Contact: 099713 40229

Author Credit: Nikita Chawla

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