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Delhi's newest lounge club, The Velvet Room offers a delectable and exotic food and drinks menu making it an opulent choice when it comes to the Pan Asian Cuisine. A fusion of authentic styles of cooking with a 21st-century lounging experience gives the place its peculiarity and adds to its one-of-a-kind-ness! 

The Velvet Room gets its name from the technique of "velveting" in Asian Cuisine used for preserving the moisture and heat of vegetables and meat while cooking in addition to providing a soft and "velvety" texture to the food.  A pre-coating of a mixture comprising egg whites, red wine and cornstarch is liberally applied to the raw meat before sautéing, deep frying or boiling it in oil or water.

Taking a cue from the old school Asian decor, and building upon its splendour, The Velvet Room portrays a classic look with red, wines, blacks and golds dominating the setting giving it a soothing and royal look. A modern take on the ambience gives the restaurant its young appeal and sets it apart from the others. The food took our taste buds on a Pan Asian Journey with flavours originating from the diverse regions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. 

For starters, we had the Prawn Tempura and mushroom and corn. The Smoking pine cocktail (Whiskey based) deserves a special mention and is a must try for all those who love to try new concoctions.

We loved the California rolls in the main course (Sushi) and the fig and honey rolls for dessert. Each dish attempts and succeeds in preserving the authenticity of the Asian cuisine bringing it to the fore with a modern twist to it.  

On Sundays, they offer unlimited food and sangrias for INR 2000 and from next month onwards they will be incorporating a Lebanese section in their menu!

At the Velvet Room, you can taste the deliciousness of ingredients prepared with cooking techniques from other cultures that were integrated into the Pan Asian cuisine over time and we are saying visit this place for an impeccable oriental dining experience with a sophisticated yet high energy blend and to experience the velveting technique! 

Address: Building No. 3, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash 2, 110048 New Delhi
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Contact: 089999 99740

Author Credit: Nikita Chawla

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