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Next time you take a morning jog near Adchini and pass Essex Farms, a turquoise colored building will catch you—Café Tesu. Stop and enter, for their breakfast spread is amazing and will make your jog worth it. Bread baskets greet you with plenty of almond, chocolate and plain croissants along with bread and pies. The almond croissants, especially, topped with powdered sugar stole my heart.

There are also your Benedicts and Florentines and of course the French toast, made with custard batter. If you want to do away with all of these, go for the Fresh Fruit Granola Parfait. The owner Dhruv Goyle says he wanted a decent breakfast place out of the HKV madness. Fair enough. Then come the coffees. Tesu has collaborated with a Goan brand called Devi and rightly so. There is an entire menu dedicated to coffees--cold brews, French press, coffee cherry, pour over—you name it, it’s there.

I went for the Cascara Cold Brew which tasted herbal, light and went well with every dish I had ordered. Cascara is a variety of coffee cherry tea made from the dried skins of berries of the coffee plant and brings variety to your palate. The pour over version of Whiskey Barrel Coffee - coffee stored in a barrel smoked with whisky is also decent.

The dimsum and sushi lunch is what Tesu’s customers prefer for lunch. The sushi impressed me better than the Shanghai Chicken Kothe dumplings. Try the Thai Green Curry with sticky rice—there are both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. Most of their pizzas are also up to the mark. Try the Classic Tomato and Bocconcini Mozzarella with Fresh Basil—it is basic but filling and true to its name, a classic.

Head then on a shiny morning or a rainy day, Cafe Tesu is sure to perk you up with breakfast and uplifting ambiance.

Address: Essex Farms, 4 Aurobindo Marg, Near IIT Crossing, New Delhi, India 110016

Contact:  098737 04704

Author Credit: Lisa Garg

Picture Credit: Lisa Garg | Cafe Tesu

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