Rush to the First Ever Poke Bar of India at Guppy Today!

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Guppy, tucked in a neat corner of Lodi Colony has been a pioneer of contemporary Japanese dining. It has now launched India’s first ever Poke Bar. Pronounced po-kay, these are bowls of an array of ingredients, that make them tasty and healthy. You can create your own bowls too. This is how you go about it.  Step one: Choose your protein from a wide range of ingredients which include salmon, Andaman tuna, kani, tsukiji tuna, shrimp, tofu and others. In step two, you can choose your grains like white rice, black rice or if you want to go the healthy way, opt for barley, quinoa or millet. Mix it up with super foods like kale, edamame, spinach and seaweed. Finish it up with a crunchy element like tempura fritters, prawn crackers, wasabi peanuts or root chips and choose your dressing-- ponzu, garlic shoyu, miso or others. 

If you are apprehensive about your knowledge in Japanese ingredients, go for the readymade bowls such as ‘Andaman Tuna Bowl’, ‘Sisho Salmon Bowl’, ‘Tsukiji TunaBowl’, ‘Wasabi Shrimp Bowl’ and ‘Spicy Miso Tofu Bowl.’ The shrimp bowl with white rice, seaweed, garlic shoyu and sesame seed dressing did justice to the expectations. When you get the bowl, don’t forget to mix it up before serving. 

There are also ramen bowls. I chose the Chicken Sobboro Ramen with slow cooked minced chicken in tobanjan sauce served on top of Japanese Ramen noodle. It was soupy and the broth was lip smacking. It is the perfect bowl for a winter afternoon—steamy and comforting. 

Pair your poke with cocktail concoctions like Tokyo Summe with beetroot, passion fruit, coconut syrup, lime juice and orange rind; Gin-za, fresh with orange, wasabi, gin and sparkling wine;  Santiago San with pisco, raw coconut, water, and fresh pineapple juice or others. 

Get your Poke bowl at Guppy, 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi. Lunch: 12pm to 3.30pm

Dinner: 7pm to 1am. Meal for two costs `1500 ++



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Author Credit: Lisa Garg

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