Take a Trek to Kareri Lake Within Rs. 5000 this Weekend!

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Those looking for a peaceful weekend getaway can find solace in this uncharted fresh water glacial lake- Kareri, located to the south of the Dhauladhar range. The lake is a haven for solo travelers looking for serene experience with a limited budget. 

 The weekend long trip can easily be covered under Rs 5,000.The walk to the lake takes you through mixed landscape.In the 26 kilometer journey (one way) lies lush green forests with small streams, rugged stones and four-feet-thick snow. The change in the scenery is refreshing and soothing.

 The trek is a marked trail, making it easier for the solo travelers to reach the spot. For those who want to visit while the lake is frozen, the best time to visit is from end of February to March. The lake is frozen at this time. And for those who love lush greenery, the best time to visit is from May till September.

You can board a bus from Majnu ka Tilla or ISBT Kashmere gate to McLeodganj. there are both private and government bus operators and the price can vary from R 600-1300. The 13-hour ride journey from a landlocked location to the Himalayas is a pleasant one. Once you reach the McLeodganj bus stand, you can walk up to the mall road and look for accommodation.

Kareri village has a lot of home-stay options. However, the adventure groups prefer camping. After halting for a day in the village, the trek to the lake begins. The 12km long trek is a mix of landscapes and will put your fitness level to test. It is recommended to start early so that you can return to your base before sunset. Some also prefer camping at Rioti, which is nearly an 8km trek from the village. 

The difficulty level of the trek is moderate. For beginners, it is important to ensure that you exercise regularly and build cardiovascular endurance. It is recommended that one should be able to run at least 5 km in 25 minutes to be able to complete the trek in the limited time.


Price of the trek: Rs 5000
Delhi to Dharamsala: 474 km
Distance of the trek: 26 km (one way)


Author Credit: Lisa Garg

Picture Credit: Lisa Garg | Thrilliphillia

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