The All New Kylin at GK is Taking the City by Storm!

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Kylin’s latest venture - Kylin Experience GK is a more contemporary, casual take on their formal ambiance. Their menu has a selection of sushi, dimsums, sharing plates and signature bowl meals.

Start with the Sesame Ginger Free Range Chicken grilled on the Tepppan Grill from their healthy Farmer's Market section. The chicken, marinated in ginger, gluten-free soya and mirin (a type of rice wine similar to sake) and cooked on the Teppan Grill, is tender when hot but gets a bit chewy if you let it cool. Ginger is the flavour that stands out here, so don’t go for it if you do not have a taste for it.

Try the Crunchy Tuna Roll with tuna, mayo, mustard and tempura flakes, and Dragon Roll with crab stick, salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber topped with a mayonnaise of your choice – from their sushi section. The crunchy tuna roll has all the flavours right and you will definitely go for more.

Their Spicy Chicken Wonton Sichuan Chilli Oil is not as spicy as expected. The filling is simple and the sauce is peanut-y. 
Never leave without trying their bowl meals with exotic names. The Geisha Bowl is a filling meal in itself, with bread crumb or panko-crusted fried pork cutlet which looks like chicken till you bite into it and get a mouthful of the porky flavour. The cutlet is served on a bed of Japanese udon noodles, coupled with pickles and a sunny-side up fried egg.

The Gangnam Bowl has tenderloin bulgogi (grilled in Korean-style), served with garlic sticky rice, cucumber and kimchi. The tenderloin is perfectly cooked and the garlic rice wins.

End the meal with their coconut ice cream and spicy chilli chocolate ice cream. The chilli ice cream takes the cake for being the perfect balance of hot and sweet.

The Kylin Experience is located at N6, N Block, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi; 12 noon to 12 midnight. Average price for two is Rs1,000 + taxes (without alcohol).

Written by: Lisa Garg

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