The Happy Bench Creates that Lush Garden You Always Wanted!

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While office, gym and weekend getaways remain on everyone’s priority, a lot of us do not really have the time to accommodate anything else. But what can serve as an ethereal respite after a long day at work is a comforting home – something that resonates with your persona, brings happiness and charms its way to glory. One such heavenly escape can be a lush green balcony. So, instead of using your tiny balconies as a space to keep discarded paraphernalia, turn it into something you’d like to spend your most evenings at with The Happy Bench. 

The Happy Bench is essentially the idea that nature can be defined and experienced in many ways and one of those is to build sustainable green spaces in form of small gardens in our homes. From a tiny cascading water feature to shrubs hanging off the ceiling, from vertical fittings that are best for miniscule setting to plants that complement your humble abode, the happy bench does it all. Unlike most urban garden designing companies, THB firmly believes in aesthetic appearances – not too much and not too less, just the right. 

Using planters, garden cress, shrubs, railing pots and vertical fittings, THB turns these dull corners of your houses into resplendent loveliness. They do not just remain obscured corners you never go to, but turn into exquisite space you look forward to. Folks at TBH have harboured their years long passion for plants and greenery into the services they offer. 

With a variety of options of what settings, you can choose to the colour theme you can inculcate – THB is the green makeover magician for your home. The studio’s USP is to bring about all changes under the set limitations of keeping it natural and appealing. Starting from colour themes to the fittings, the studio strives to give it a fresh look that goes with your choices and stays upbeat with the current trends. They even use bamboo wood chimes over metal ones to create soft sounds and bring good vibes into the garden.

This handpicked artistry will evoke your senses and will act as a place for a retreat where you can spend quality time; enjoying the beauty of nature. So even if you’re homebound or your week days are too occupied to allow some time off – head to your balcony for a little unusual escapade, all with The Happy Bench. 

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