The Valley of Flowers at Dalhousie Calls You this Weekend!

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If you’ve long wanted to make a trip to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand but have been constrained by lack of leaves from work, do not lose heart. While you will definitely more than four days to make that trip, you can definitely visit a different flower valley in one long weekend.

Closer home, Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh also has a smaller but very pretty valley of flowers. The hill station is easily reachable from Delhi and the trek up the valley is quite easy. The famous week Dainkund peak is a little off Dalhousie town. And the climb to the top will take you at the most an hour unless the beauty of valley that you cross on the way spell binds you.

Dalhousie is best visited after May, when the snow has melted and the flowers have blossomed. The valley hosts a huge variety of flowers and poppies, lilies, pansies, petunias, holly and geranium are only a few species of flowers that you may recognize as you walk past the lush green landscape splashed with hues of red, pink, blue, white and yellow.

Even if you are not a regular trekker and the journey leaves you exhausted, the view from the top will be worth your effort. Sit down at the mountain top, when you reach it, and breathe in the clean, cool air. Look around for the best view of the Khajjar Lake on the other. The downward climb should be an easy one.

Dalhousie offers you a lot of quite as it is less crowded than many other popular mountain destinations. The most crowded place here is the Khajjar lake, right after the main market. The green fields roll down to the blue lake, around which people have picnics, play a game or simply sit and take in the beauty of nature. Often dubbed the mini Switzerland of India, the area offers several campsites for a unique stay. If the weather gods are in your favour, you will also find several paragliders taking from the valley.
How to reach: Overnight bus from Delhi (13-16 hours)
Where to stay: The market area has plenty of options, starting from Rs1,000


Author Credit: Lisa Garg

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