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A lot of us may not bear the maddening talent of our favourite artists or the pristine beauty of the places we like, but we all love to keep little souvenirs to keep reminding us about what we love. Be it artistry of Frida Kahlo or some reminiscent from your childhood rock star Rapunzel  – one can’t really decide where this fascination ends. 

One Good Thing is one of the Gurgaon's hidden gems that produces custom made home decor items just so you don't miss anything as much. Unlike anything from its coterie, the store designs dramatic wall hangings with vintage embroidery and hoops adorned with vibrant patterning on natural linen. The collection speaks volumes about the ethnicity of Indian culture and just how every art form is a tribute to an epoch. 

Getting most of its inspiration from and work done by rural artists, the studio doesn't rely heavily on conventional artworks, instead, it opens its doors to a verity of new designs and techniques. For instance, they make table, plates and mini baskets using a special kind of grass known as sikki found in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

At this store, you will find distinctive home furnishing pieces inspired and influenced by the heritage, arts, cultures, and people from around the world. A master of bespoke merchandises, the store showcases an array of products that can be used to adorn your house and office; starting from cushion covers that are handcrafted by women in villages to the wall hangings that reflect profound workmanship. They even keep bed covers, bed sheets and a lot more with work done by Sujini embroidery, Phulkari, and Kantha artists. 

One Good Thing' works closely with local artists, especially with those who bear fine knowledge of the subject. They then produce something that looks like the perfect synthesis of traditional Indian art and modern styles. 

You can find these gems online on their Facebook page or the Instagram account. Better get something good from their abode from One Good Thing on that note!

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Opening hours - 09:00 - 18:30
Phone Number - 088002 44626

Author Credit: Shewali

Picture Credit: One Good Thing

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