This Classroom Themed Eatery will Take You Back to School!

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We may have left school, but the School never really left us! If that describes you, then round up your childhood besties and head to this thematic pub in Gurgaon, The Classroom. The chalkboard décor, benches, wall scribbling and even the staff ‘uniform’ will take you back in time reigniting memories of the bittersweet past.

The menu is a quirkily designed syllabus and the drinks are named Eraser, Detention, back Bencher, 4th period and Rosy ma’am to name a few. Don’t forget to study before ordering your concoctions! For mocktails we recommend the Games Period and Mand Buddhi. Order the Assembly for cocktails. Reminisce about your first crush with your gang over Couple Chemistry’ and fish tikka masala. You can spin the bottle, play a round of billiards or just lounge on the swings - This pub leaves no stone unturned to take care of its students.

They make their own craft beer and how! The brewery is spread over three floors and served in dark, fruity and white flavours, each more aromatic than the last! Try the light and refreshing Blonde Ale- a gold nectar with a generous foam head. Floral first notes are floral, followed by spicy and piny undertones. If beer is your poison, then the ‘dark’ Abbey is an exhilarating elixir that compliments the delicious non-veg and veg platter. The tikkas taste so much better when they are washed down by complex caramel and liquorice aromas! If you are hungry gorge on the authentic spaghetti pasta. The music definitely caters to the English Medium (Bollywood/ Club music is played only post 10) but we are not complaining. Our suggestion? Skip the main course, hog on the snacks and drink the night away! Dessert options are limited but well made.

Stay ahead of the class by drinking up the ‘first period’ as you share kebabs and memories with friends. Nibble on the spicy papad masala or veg Peshawari. The starters are scrumptious and filling.

If the words mass bunk, conti party, supplementary sheet take you down memory lane, the Classroom will recreate the nostalgia of student life in all its glory. Fond memories of a lifetime are served at this place. Brownie points for those who dance. You are in a classroom with beer, friends and subjects but not Teachers! So Drink up if you want an A+!

Address: 19-20 Leisure Valley Rd Sector 29, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122007

Contact: 095994 86829

Author and Picture Credit: Nikita Chawla

Tags: the classroom

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