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Living in big city houses really means that you do away with fresh air and greenery in exchange for a place to live. Amid such inexplicable urban pollution there is little to no room for quaint freshness, as we, battle our way through everyday obstacles and predicaments. 

But if you're a worried someone who's humble abode is in one of the most polluted city not just in the country, but in the world too, we have an incredible announcement to make. Gurgaon-based landscape designers, Studio Earthbox turns your otherwise dull balconies into dainty pieces of art. This renovation will not only transform its appearance, but will also serve as your escapade to a mini garden. 

Most balconies in urban estates are dumped with unwanted household items, debris, cigarette butts, discarded alcohol bottles etc. But how about you give these unkept galleries a makeover?

Truly living up to its name, Studio Earthbox has taken the onus upon themselves to eradicate pollution, slowly but gradually. Using planters, creepers, pebbles, and tendrils that swiftly veil the exterior of your balcony walls, Studio Earthbox is bridging the gap between contemporary idea of urban lifestyle with classic gardening.

To begin with, this ultra-modern inkling is not just art, but inculcates a lot of science too. At any given point, an ideal team working on a project would comprise of designers, architects, and landscape artists. The team will then optimise whatever tiny spot you offer them and change it entirely with ladder gardens, vertical fittings, self-watering planters, railing pots and hanging greens. 

If you don’t have much space on you or you’re just too picky about your spots, worry not, because they also offer vertical settings that’ll occupy less area but will look equally good. This custom-made plantation designed especially for their clients is what puts them at the forefront of their league and remains one of their best deals. 

Adorning your balconies can be a very different experience than decorating your house; unlike later, there aren’t any dedicated stores where you can buy accessories along with plants. Studio Earthbox can thus be your one-stop-destination – from plantation to garden fixtures, from pots to fancy seating arrangements, they do it all. 

If you’re wooed by their work and are assured about the kind of brilliance they’re about to add to your house, give them a call. The process will begin by a team coming over to inspect, discuss and understand your needs. They’ll then strategize and share the results with you, which might take 2-3 weeks. Upon coming to an agreement, the team will come over to execute the epic makeover and the final work will be delivered in just 2 days!  

So, do call the good folks of Studio Earthbox and let them create some beautiful space for you! 

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Author Credit: Shewali Tiwari

Picture Credit: Studio Earthbox

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