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If you want to move away from the traditional Mughlai iftar in Delhi this year, this new Mediterranean restaurant might be right up your alley. Baris is tucked inside the local shopping complex near Masjid Moth and serves everything from mezzes and kibbes to Turkish pizzas and desserts.

Sebze Kalbuni, mix vegetable biryani stuffed in crust served along with iftar condiments is the star of the iftar menu. Don’t forget to try the Avocado Labneh which is cheese made out of avocado.

If you are going during the day, try the Cigar Borek—crispy cigar rolls with feta cheese, caramelized onions and parsley served with cacik sauce is a must try. Cacick sauce is a local Turkish sauce made out of yoghurt and cucumbers and chef Sahin Ibis, who has flown from Turkey says he sources most of the ingredients from Turkey itself.

The Turkish pizzas are fascinating too. They are oval shaped unlike the regular pizzas and even the spices are different. The Dumanlanmish Tavuk with smoked chicken, olives, onions, peppers, basil and mozzarella cheese delights with its very thin crust and knowing that the most of the ingredients including the cheese came from Turkey is another quirk.

Adana Kebab is another dish that you do not want to miss. Adana is the fifth largest city in Turkey and the dish consists of hand chopped lamb grilled with pepper on an open fire. The spices used in the dish, again, are brought from Turkey by Ibin. The kebabs are succulent, not oily like its north Indian counterparts and goes well the pita bread.

For dessert, try the Figamisu-- with figs, saviordi cookies and mascarpone cream. It melts in your mouth unapologetically and makes you come back for more. Do visit them on that note then!

Author Credit: Lisa Garg

Ambiance Picture Credit: Baris


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