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Rema Kumar (erstwhile Add-On Accessories) creates fusions out of different weaves and craft techniques that result in one of a kind creation that celebrates Indian handlooms and proudly displays the rich cultural heritage making it stand out in a sea of other brands!

This designer periodically lives with a large cross-section of different weaver groups in Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Varanasi, Assam, Uttarakhand, Warangal and Bhuj to imbibe their techniques, sensibilities, lives and colours, and present them in her work.  Her work style is that of an unconventional artist who designs on cotton and silk throughout the year without following any colour and fashion forecast or the seasons for the matter!  

Walk into her store, pick up any stole or sari and you’ll find different elements from three or four different states having undergone so many transformations in deft hands. We found one and fell in love with a sari which had a Kota Silk body, Kanchipuram Silk border and palla, embellished with Kashmiri ari work embroidery and hand block prints teamed with a Benaresi brocade blouse! Such pieces are not conceived with a definite timeframe in mind, and the various processes might take months to be completed. 
The collections at Rema Kumar explores the world of India’s diverse and celebrated surface detail techniques on different weaves – Ajrakh, Batik, Handblocks, Kalamkari, Shibori, Zardosi and Ariwork. The appliqué work of Pipli (Odisha) and Patti Ka Kaam (Aligarh) take a contemporary twist in the vibrant stoles, dupattas and saris. 

She adds surface detailing to her collections from time to time by incorporating various Indian craft-techniques like Kalamkari, Pattiwork from Aligarh, Kantha from Murshidabad, Soof embroidery from Bikaner, Bandini, Shibori, Ajrakh, Kutch work and Batik prints from Bhuj, Cutwork from Gujarat, Kashmiri needle and ari work and so on. When she with a weaver's group, she retains the essence and technique indigenous to that particular region while lending her artistic and contemporary touch by way of playing with colours, stripes and accents.

We loved the limited edition of mix and match blouses with Batik, Kalamkari and embroidery could liven up any sari and elevate its style quotient.

Rema Kumar works her way through the diverse techniques, incorporating a deep love for geometry and interplay of colours to make it look smarter for today’s women while ensuring that it does not venture too far away from the original textile traditions they have been centred on.

This brand is for women who appreciate and value our rich Indian textile traditions, enough to differentiate between elegant, timeless classics and contemporary fashion trends that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Address:  87B, Shahpurjat, Near Asiad Village, 110 049 New Delhi, India
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Contact: 085276 12625

Author Credit: Nikita Chawla

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