This Vintage Bookstore Is A Must Visit For Every Book Lover!

As I walked past the heavy wooden door and stepped onto what looked an intricate blanket of carpentry, I found myself standing amidst a colossal collection of books and the scent of paper that enveloped the air around me. With a fancy décor and even fancier assemblage of books, Chapter 101 is a rare beauty tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Gurgaon. As you’d enter, you will be welcomed by soft jazz music, incredible upholstery, well-lit ambiance and a collection to kill for. 

The place garners a rather impressive selection of books-- everything from classics to contemporary, especially the gems from unpopular writers. Ditching the banal, the bookstore maintains a rare collection of reads that are recherché and hard to find; from antiquarians to a couple of first editions and signed copies, it houses best of rarity

Chapter 101 is a concept bookstore that houses more than 1,000 good reads, all classics. It houses over 19 volumes of Ernest Hemingway's work from 1990 by the famous Easton Press, two volumes of Atlas Shrugged bound in genuine leather, the best British short stories of 1924 and a lot more. 

What’s more enticing about their collection is that they maintain a laudable section of war anecdotes that dives into vivid exploration of not just the two world wars, but also other innumerable stories that are hardly told. Beyond the aforementioned and palpable choices, Chapter 101 has the Holy Bible from 1860s; indubitably, one of their prized possessions. 

For lovers of classics and ardent cliques this place will be a sweet haven. They call themselves as ‘bookstore for those with an eclectic taste’, and quite frankly we won’t bargain on the title. This place epitomizes the fusion between old world aesthetics and the modern mindset, serving as a literary escapade for all the readers. 

As a reader, one can choose from a plethora of genres - fiction, art, music, sport or biographies, some of them dating back to couple of centuries ago. If you’re a collector of books and wanting to build a little classic collection of your own, we vouch that there ain’t any better place than this in Gurgaon. 

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Address - Chapter101 101D, 1st Floor, Golf Course Road, DLF City, Phase 5, Sector 53, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 
Contact:  +91124.2575684 |  +91 88 79 125602

Author Credit: Shewali

Picture Credit: Chapter 101

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