Trail Blaze the Himalayan Skies with Paragliding!

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There are two kinds of people in this world, one who says 'I love adventure' and second who will just go for it !!! And here’s this amazing new found exploration on one of the most beautiful mountain ranges! The land of snow, the land of beautiful looking people, and might not be wrong to add, the land where’s there’s now so much fashion! I’m talking about the very serene Himachal Pradesh. 

Apart from the scenic beauty, The state is a host to numerous adventure and sports activities and if you have the blood fresh in you, it’s worth a shot. Expensive an affair for some, adventure activities is one of the major incomes for the localities. Be it River Rafting in the never steady River Beas, zorbing, rock climbing, trekking, mountain climbing or Para Gliding, each has it’s one of a kind experience that will stamp a great memory in our heart.

Keeping in mind the same, one activity around the areas of Kullu-Manali and all across the journey till you ascend there is Para Gliding which is visible like the clouds from inside your vehicles making you certain that that is where you want to be! With so much competition around absorbing the travelers with the best of their marketing skills, we decided to make this choice easier for you! This particular spot is the highest point from where para gliding is conducted, and by high we mean 10,000 feet. The drive to the top is Rocky, scary and ghastly. The jeeps drive people up on this mountain range with no barricades until a point from where you have to trek yourself up with orchards on one side and a valley on the other. And then there you are, feeling you are on top of the world, gaping at the snow peaked mountains on the other end and a deep valley under.

The highlights of this spot apart from it being the highest paragliding spots is a small tent café with warm Maggi and tea to warm you from the chills (the weather and the excitement) and secondly, a beautiful landing spot in between green apple orchards ( which of course one cannot pluck ). Another cool surprise is a beautiful video and a couple of photographs waiting for you which they avail to you at added cost, which is totally worth it. When you look at it, you realize you are the bird that you always dream to be high in the sky and you’re hit with the visuals you saw while in air. 

Make sure you check the weather in Himachal before you plan such activities as they do not conduct them through all weathers. Give them a call, and check with them and then gear up to soar high. Keep your eyes open for the most entertaining pilot to accompany you, and also, stay prepared for somersaults and stunts to rush your adrenaline! 

Name: Himalayan Trail Blazer 
Contact Person: Rajesh Kumar (Para Gliding instructor)
Address: Ro / Shanag, P.O Bahang, -175 103, Teh. Manali, Dist. Kullu (H.P.)
Contact Numbers: 9816309604 / 9625813661
Cost per person: Around 3500/- 


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