Tripping in Srinagar? Sip Kahwa at this Artsy Cafe!

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Srinagar is a place where real Kashmiriyat is on display. Apart from different varieties of tea, the unique hospitality, love and respect for which Kashmir is famous for is all on the show here and Chai Jaai, a summery cafe out there builds on that legacy.

When one enters inside Chai Jaai (a tea place), it simply sends one to think about the Kashmir of some 100 years ago. It serves various varieties of Kashmiri teas in traditional wares. The main aim of Chai Jaai, according to its founder/owner Roohi Nazki, is to “redefine the cliched way in which others see us (Kashmiris)”.

“I wanted to bring in a fresh perspective. Redefine and reinterpret how we currently see ourselves as Kashmiris. As also redefine the cliched way in which others see us. Culturally, that is,” said Nazki. She said, “The tourists coming to Kashmir often look for various varieties of teas and we are trying to make all such varieties available”.

The Chai Jaai is located in a historic Mahata building on the historic Bund area on the banks of Kashmir’s largest river, Jhelum. The Mahata which has been converted into a place to meet for chai and conversations is absolutely a must visit. Not least for the beautifully painted water by a papier-mache master craftsman.

Apart from Kashmiri kehwa, you will get to be served with dam tout (brewed tea), salt tea, and many other forms of including Iranian English teas among others. Samovar-a typical Kashmiri utensil used for preparing salt tea, has been given a relook to prepare tea and Kehwa. The varieties of Kashmiri tea is served in traditional Kashmiri cups which have no handles to hold.

If you are in Srinagar or planning a trip to Kashmir, the place is a must visit.

Address: Chai Jaai, Mahattas Studio, 1st Floor, Dhanjibuoy Building, The Bund, Residency Road, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
Contact: 099068 97788

Author Credit: Sameer Showkin

Picture Credit: Chai Jaai

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